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These nonprofits benefiting women/girls meet or exceed industry standards, according to Charity Navigator.*


*Charity Navigator is a charity assessment organization that evaluates charitable organizations in the United States, operating as a free 501 organization that accepts no advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates.

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Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights is a global women's fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women and transgender human rights defenders at critical moments. We intervene quickly when activists are poised to make great gains or face serious threats to their lives and work. We use online, text and mobile funding applications to respond to requests from women's human rights defenders within 72 hours and have funds on the ground within 1-7 days. Urgent Action Fund builds the resilience of women's rights and LGBT rights movements in three ways: (1) rapid response grantmaking; (2) advocacy and alliance building; (3) global consortium of Urgent Action Sister Funds. Since its founding, Urgent Action Fund has awarded more than 1,700 rapid response grants, totaling more than $7 million, to advance women's and LGBTQ human rights in 110 countries worldwide.