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These nonprofits benefiting women/girls meet or exceed industry standards, according to Charity Navigator.*


*Charity Navigator is a charity assessment organization that evaluates charitable organizations in the United States, operating as a free 501 organization that accepts no advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates.

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MADRE is an international women's human rights organization that works towards a world in which all people enjoy the fullest range of individual and collective human rights; in which resources are shared equitably and sustainably; in which women participate effectively in all aspects of society; and in which people have a meaningful say in decisions that affect their lives. MADRE uses human rights to advance social justice. We partner with women in communities worldwide to meet urgent, local needs and create long-term solutions to the problems that women face. Our program areas are: peace building; women's health and combating violence against women; and economic and environmental justice.
Founded in 1973, "Mujeres Latinas en Acción (Mujeres) empowers Latinas by providing services which reflect their values and culture and by being an advocate on the issues that make a difference in their lives." With this mission and the needs of the community always at the forefront, Mujeres provides high-quality, client-centered, bilingual/bicultural human services addressing critical issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault, leadership and youth development, positive parent support, and economic self-sufficiency. Mujeres also acts as a leading advocate on critical issues to ensure that the voices of those in the communities served are recognized among local and national lawmakers.
Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) is a grassroots organization of Latina immigrant women with a double mission of promoting personal transformation and building community power for social and economic justice. We achieve our mission by: creating an environment of understanding and confidentiality; empowering and educating our members to provide mutual support; offering trainings to build economic security and leadership; working in diverse alliances on the local, regional, national, and international levels; and by organizing campaigns to win immigrant, workers' and women's rights.