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Review Tips

Review Tips

A product is tangible–something you can touch and feel–like an electronic device, automobile, toaster, or board game.

A service is intangible–involving paid work done by someone for an individual–like grocery delivery, dog walking, financial advice, or a massage.

Feel free to review a local or online offering that’s already listed on ElleRate OR enter one that isn’t and we’ll add it to the database.

It’s OK to provide less-than-stellar reviews. We just ask that you leave constructive comments so our partner businesses can better understand how to rock your world.

Have you recently raved to your friends about a great find ?

Chances are, it has one of more of these qualities:

  • saves you time and/or money
  • offers convenience
  • makes you feel healthier and more energetic
  • helps you feel more beautiful, understood and validated, capable and confident, peaceful and relaxed
  • equips you to be a better partner, parent, sibling, daughter
  • prepares you for greater success in key areas of your life
  • is pet and/or planet-friendly
Employed by a consumer (B2C) company?

You must be a current employee of the consumer company you’re reviewing. You may review the same company every 6 months for as long as you remain an employee there. You review/s will be kept anonymous.