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So, what exactly is


and how does this work?

ellerate™ is a centralized hub that elevates women’s voices and purchasing choices to forge an equitable and more abundant world. 

We are curating a collaborative vs. competitive community landscape that is committed to social change.

We strive to be a modern, hip, community that celebrates an elevated experience for women and marginalized communities.

Our promise to you:
Respect – always. The customer is queen. 

Is ElleRate All About Women-Owned Businesses?

No, we invite women to give us feedback about ALL of the consumer products, services, and workplaces they use, invest in, and/or otherwise support.

Is ElleRate a Political Platform?

No, we’re just interested in facilitating a fun, easy, and impactful way for women of all walks of life to voice what we want in exchange for our prized consumer dollars…so that women and the businesses and nonprofits that love us can reach new heights.

What About Men?

We’re fans. And we’re currently exploring productive ways for men to partner with us in advancing our message and mission.

Does ElleRate Receive a Portion of the Business it Drives to Partner Subscribers?

No, our business and WEO (nonprofit Women’s Empowerment Organization) partners provide us with links to information for ElleRate visitors to check out about their customer specials and other product, service, and/or workplace offerings.

Does ElleRate Moderate Reviews?
Yes, just as we’ll have women’s backs on ElleRate, we’ll also do right by our partner businesses by working hard to ensure that all Reviewer feedback is constructive and actionable.