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ElleRate gives voice to women’s mighty spending power in the consumer and philanthropy sectors.

Build the megaphone with us by recommending local and global products, services, and workplaces you find most deserving of your dollar. Then consider topping off your power spending by supporting the nonprofits that are getting it done on behalf of women and girls.

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Have a product in mind that gives you a lift in ways large or small? (Tell us about it!)

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Have a service in mind that gives you a lift in ways large or small? (Tell us about it!)

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Anonymously evaluate how your B2C workplace incorporates women employees and customers.

As a conscientious consumer, it’s important to me to have confidence that I’m supporting organizations whose values align with my own. ElleRate expertly and efficiently fills this niche, providing vetted and current information about companies and organizations, and their philanthropic focus.

Vicki Tobias

Madison, WI

Eighty percent of my target audience is either female or is heavily influenced by a female. Platforms like Yelp are too general and expensive. I was thrilled to find ElleRate to help me raise my credibility as a business and to connect with my audience in a way I otherwise couldn’t.

Katherine Wells

Founder & CEO, Serenity App

ElleRate’s platform for nonprofit organizations that uplift and empower women and girls creates collaboration. By including their profiles on ElleRate, nonprofit organizations receive increased credibility, visibility and the opportunity to share the impact of the incredible work they do for the greater good. Thank you ElleRate for supporting the social impact work that helps to create more vibrant, thriving communities!

Julianna Nelson

Founder & CEO, Phillinnova


Women’s voices and choices about the products, services, and workplaces that best deliver on our wants, needs, and values.

B2C Companies

Meet the consumer companies demonstrating a commitment to elevating women through their offerings and/or partnership with ElleRate.

Women's Empowerment Organizations (WEOs)

Meet the nonprofit organizations serving the educational, human rights, social services, and health needs of women and girls.

Women-Owned Business Directory

There are so many good reasons to buy from women-owned companies. Among them: you’re advancing gender parity in commerce. And women reinvest up to 90 percent of their income in their families and communities, compared to 40 percent for men.*

The What Women Want Forum

Ever “wish someone would make that?” Because face it, you’re never going to get around to it! Add a product you wish someone would make or a service you wish someone would offer, and let an enterprising business grab hold and make it so…or cast your vote on other women’s wishes.

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